Your band rehearsals. Enhanced.

Collaborate with your band members to get the most out of your rehearsals.

Organize your rehearsals

Amplified lets you keep track of past rehearsals, and find them by date, place, or song performed. You can also easily find all rehearsed versions of a song in seconds. No more hours spent searching in emails!

Collaborate more easily

All the actions, uploads and comments are instantly shared among your band members. No more excuses for not remembering what you did in the last rehearsal!

Store your rehearsals

Upload your rehearsals or individual songs using your Dropbox account, or let us store them for you!

Listen to your rehearsals

Listen to the songs performed in the rehearsal, while also seeing the comments made about each part

Speak your mind

Listen to the rehearsed songs, and comment what you think about that particular part you love or hate or would like to improve next time.

Made by musicians for musicians

We build (and keep building) Amplified based on our experience sharing rehearsals with our bands. That's why Amplified will feel like home for you.

This is Amplified. Change the way you rehearse.